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At the Gates of Hell

"At the gates of hell" 2022
Digipack 10 titres, livret 16 pages
Sortie : 21 janvier 2022

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  • World on fire
  • What comes after
  • The point of no return
  • Somewhere else
  • Weather the storm
  • Naked greed
  • Eternity
  • All at sea
  • Dead and back
  • At the gates of hell

Compilation French Metal #31

"le spectre des ténèbres"
Compilation 38 groupes - 2 CD
Sortie : Décembre 2020

avec Bullet Ride, Loudblast, Benighted, Psykup, Iron Flesh, Barbar’O’Rhum, etc...Dust in Mind, Bliss of Flesh, Shrapnel Storm, Putrid Offal, War Agenda, H-One, Dusk of Delusion, White Sofa, Zoë, Black Muuntain Bastards, liquid Flesh, Torment, Gargouyllas, Obsolete Human, Ōzaru, Inner Torture, Elixis, Fervent, Voodoo Angel, Kordast, Arcanes, Laurent Rinaldi, Stasis in Perpetual Motion, Cernunnos, CosmiC Club, Kurt137!, Les Floutards, T.E.M.P, KalinKa, Les enFants de dragon, Vulvanium, Withershins

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